What services do you offer?

  • 90-Minute Consultations
  • Full-Service Interior Design
  • Styling
  • Exterior Consultations
  • Holiday Decorating


Where do you work?

We’re based in East Hampton, NY and will be happy to work anywhere between Montauk Point and New York City. If you’re outside those limits, we’d love to have a conversation about the feasibility of your location and what services you’re looking for. 


What’s your style?

Our clients are typically seeking the style we specialize in—an elevated approach to casual, organic living. We always incorporate your story into the design and often use vintage or antique pieces, as they offer a sense of history and warmth. 


How long does a project take? 

For Full-Service Interior Design, the Conceptual Design Phase usually takes six to eight weeks, the Detailed Design Phase takes an additional four to six weeks and the Purchasing and Execution Phase is dependent on the scope of work and the contractor’s schedule.


How much do your clients typically spend on furniture, art, and accessories for a room?

This number is dependent on the square footage of the room and the level of what you are trying to achieve. We can help you come up with a comfortable budget while being realistic about the cost of goods and services. 


How do you charge? 

We charge a flat-rate design fee, dependent on the square footage, and help you come up with a furnishing investment. 


Where do you source your furniture and accessories? 

We believe in the high/low approach—because good design doesn’t have to mean that everything is expensive. We use specialized, to-the-trade vendors and also shop big box retail. We love having that balance and find that our clients appreciate that style. 


What’s the first step?

Schedule a Discovery Call with Ashley to review your scope of work and we’ll determine which service is the best fit. 


What if I just need help with a few selections? Is that considered Full-Service Interior Design? Is any project too small? 

This is why a Discovery Call is important. We can determine if the 90-minute consultation will be sufficient for you to achieve what you’re looking for or if you require additional help. The goal is for you to love your space—and their are multiple ways to achieve that.  


When should we enlist the services of a designer?

The earlier the better! We love to help create the initial vision for the space, and the more time we have to get your project scheduled, the better. We’ll work closely with your architect and contractor if this is a new build or renovation.

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