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Holiday Decor

Decorating for holidays is lovely, but having it done for you is a gift. The look will be casual, custom, and completely delightful. We’ll discuss your space, existing collections, and ways to make your style set any special occasion apart.

Are you planning a luminous Hanukkah? Crafting an unforgettable Christmas morning? Throwing the world’s greatest gathering of ten people or more to celebrate… literally anything?

Exterior Design

First impressions are everything. An exterior refresh will instantly elevate, personalize—and build a little excitement around your home.

We’ll learn your style, then create a design that comes to life with contrast, texture, gorgeous natural materials, and a sense of beautiful (never boring) balance.

We can advise you on how to make it happen—or we can handle everything from start to finish. And we know all the best specialists, masons, contractors, gardeners—whatever your project requires.

Whether you’re selling your home or just moving into it, exterior design will bring an indelible sense of polish to the parts you may not even be thinking of—your driveway, gardens, entryway—and so much more.

Ashley Libath Holiday Decorating

Ready to celebrate in style with custom holiday decor? Contact us and make some beautiful memories.


Redesign your exterior space without disrupting your day-to-day. Call us to chat about concepts.

Ashley Libath Design Exterior

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